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Beoordeel Niggeloh Grip Lijn

Niggeloh Grip Lijn

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  • New design and function reinvent the "lead connection" between handler and dog.
  • The "Grip" gives the handler firm and comfortable "handle" on his dog through a unique rubber enforced material and soft nubs
  • Freely adjusts to comfortably fit any size handler
  • Looped length = 2 m, total length = 3,20 m
  • Equipped with Niggeloh Premium snap hooks (20 mm version)
  • 2 different width: 15 mm for small dogs and 20 mm for large dogs
  • Weight: 15 mm version: 230 grams, 20 mm version: 295 grams
  • Optional accessory: Coupler in 15 mm width or 20 mm width for leashing additional dog