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Firedog Dummy Vest Waxed Cotton

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Firedog Waxed cotton Dummy vest Hunter has been specially designed for dog trainers and hunters to distributes the weight of the stored dummies or the game. Even when you have fully filled back bag you have a pleasant wearing comfort. In the open access back bag you can easily put 8-10 dummies. Two large front pockets provide enough space for other training tools and one small zipper pocket provides comfortable space for smaller things, such as pocket dummy, tennis balls or keys. On the left front pocket is a large zipper pocket inside, for wallet or important documents. In the small pocket with snap closure on the left chest you can easily put your cell phone. On the right side you can fix the start number, so it do not disturb you when you're working with your dog. 

Material: waxed cotton 
Available in 6 sizes: 
XS - 80 - 98 cm waist circumference 
S - 85 - 105 cm waist circumference 
M - 95 - 112 waist circumference 
L - 105 - 120 cm waist circumference 
XL - 110 - 125 cm waist circumference 
XXL - 120 - 135 cm waist circumference 

Waxed cotton: 

- versatile material, symbol of nature love 
- this special fabric combines tradition of waxed cotton and improvements in processing, so the result meets the highest quality standards 
- wind- and waterproof 
- breathable 
- exceptional durability due to robust densely woven base fabric and a special finish 
- high comfort 
- easy to clean - simply wipe with a damp cloth, stains can be removed with a soft brush 
- additional waxing possible if necessary