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Beoordeel Dummy Tas Nylon - Wijn Rood

Dummy Tas Nylon - Wijn Rood

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Offers enough space for all training equipment

Dummy bag offers enough space for 10 (M) to 12 (L) standard dummies in the main big pocket. Into the front mesh pocket you can put some smaller things, as pocket dummy or dummyball. The side pocket with Velcro-fastener is useful for the cell phone and we've thought of the bottle of water too – it comfortably fits to the mesh pocket at the other side of the bag. Dummybag has a velcro fastening closure and because of that the manipulation is much easier. The special waterproof inner material is suitable also for carrying wild game.
Thanks to polyurethane coating the bag is easy to clean, washable and water resistant.

Material: 100 % polyester
Available in different colours and 2 sizes:
Dimensions M: ca. 36 x 30 x 12 cm
Dimensions L: ca. 42 x 36 x 14 cm

Care instructions: If the bag is wet after training, leave it to dry freely in air, not in direct sunlight. Usually you can just wipe it with a damp cloth, if it is too dirty you can hand wash at 30 °C.
To avoid a possible injury, check the status of your training equipment regularly, and if you find out any damage, do not use them.